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Club News

Tuesday, 01 November 2011

Look down the ‘gates’ for non-league football and it is dispiriting - it is increasingly difficult for clubs to attract gates. In fact this is true generally in football but we tend to forget it when we see Old Trafford and the like filled week after week. The reality is that with all seater stadiums there are simply not as many bums on seats as there were on the terraces of half a century ago. The reason is easy to see – there are so many more entertainment options than there were years ago. SKY, family arrangements, the involvement of kids with football and the like all take dad away from the Saturday game and combine to ensure that gates are down. Clubs right from the very top can no longer simply rely on gate revenue to fund them. Manchester United and the like are much more dependent upon commercial sponsorship and revenue than they are on the Saturday afternoon crowd.

And so it is with us. Clubs like ours have to face reality and look forward to a different future.

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