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Arnold Town Supporters Club


Seniors News

Written by The News Desk Tuesday, 01 November 2011

The Supporters Club is looking for new members. Many will know that it is by no means a new organisation. Indeed it’s been in continual existence since 1990 raising somewhere in excess of £50,000 to help keep the Eagles afloat. ATFCSC was formed by the late Brian Baker with the help of a few trusty supporters - many of whom are still involved with the Club over 20 years later. “C’mon The Arna!” is the Official Newsletter of the Club and is published & forwarded to Internet Members. Membership costs £5pa running from 1st June 2011 to 31st May 2012. For membership applications and any written contributions/suggestions you wish to make please contact:-  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

The Supporters Club already have big plans. Top priority is to find ways to improve the lot of visitors to Eagle Valley. More specifically a few of the areas to be looked at include:
· Find ways of increasing match day attendances at Eagle Valley
· Make the Club house more user friendly (hopefully helping the Club to introduce Sky Sports on the big screen for instance)
· Look closely at the transport issue between Arnold and Eagle Valley.
· Re-introduce the Club Shop for supporters and other visitors.
· Keep members bang up to date through receipt of this VERY regular newsletter.
· Raise funds for projects through as many interesting and varied schemes as we can conjure up/get away with!!
· Funding longer term projects such as a facility giving precious Office Admin space and a permanent Club Shop and a standing terrace behind the “Town End”

And......don’t get them started on the Car Park!

Annual Subs are £5 and can be paid as follows:-
· By Cash at any 1st Team game
· By Cheque to “Arnold Town Supporters Club” – these can be handed over at any game or posted to – 27 Dunvegan Drive, Rise Park Nottingham NG5 5DX
· Pay Pal (available shortly) – this will cost £5.20 – the 20p to cover the admin costs……but, to be fair, it’s cheaper and quicker than a stamp!!!!




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